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25/03/2018 Leading machine design into the future

23/03/2018 Whitepaper: Helpful information about Industry 4.0 and digitalisation

20/03/2018 Leading machine design into the future

19/03/2018 Lenze leads machine design into the future

19/03/2018 Addressing old challenges with new machine controllers

14/02/2018 Ready for the Internet of Things

09/01/2018 Big ideas in motion and control from Lenze at IntraLogisteX

18/12/2017 Machine control for today and tomorrow

08/11/2017 Making machine automation easier

09/08/2017 Technical article reveals how to optimise machine automation

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05/06/2017 Building with the Industrial Internet of Things

06/03/2017 Intelligent drive tailored for conveyors

02/02/2017 Batch size 1 production of kitchen units

30/01/2017 New Safety Controller from Lenze

14/11/2016 Lenze introduces a new safety controller

31/10/2016 New controller needs no cooling and no maintenance

24/10/2016 New controller needs no cooling and no maintenance

19/05/2016 Inverter parameters easily set by smartphone

18/05/2016 Energy recovery becomes more economic and easy

18/05/2016 Inverter parameters easily set by smartphone

29/03/2016 Lenze introduces new online training concept (D330)

25/11/2015 Lenze presents a brand-new series of frequency invert-ers at the SPS IPC Drives show

13/11/2015 Inverters: the progression from high-tech to commodity

26/08/2015 Smart Track conveyors run up to 400 products/minute

09/07/2015 0-100 km/h in 1.785 seconds electric car on show

07/07/2015 Record-breaking electric car to race at Silverstone

13/06/2015 Synchronous servomotors for positioning, packaging and robotics

20/02/2015 DC-bus connection makes energy saving easy

26/01/2015 Modernisation instead of a new production line

11/01/2015 Braking energy reuse boosts corrugator efficiency

21/12/2014 Lenze provides an easy conversion to IE3 efficient motors

21/12/2014 Gesture-controlled operating system for machine visualisation

24/11/2014 Why would you outsource your control panels to a drive & automation supplier?

28/09/2014 Lenze offers panel building design, build and project management

22/05/2014 Motor offers five programmable speeds plus soft start and stop ramps

04/03/2014 Higher performance and energy saving in warehouse systems

09/02/2014 New Lenze geared motors offer very wide speed range

06/02/2014 Sawn to length with ‘spot-on’ precision

24/11/2013 Lenze Smart Motor is a 'quantum leap' in ac motor technology

20/11/2013 Make a date in fact make several during Advent

13/11/2013 Smart motor is leap in AC motor technology

02/11/2013 New for old: veteran drives get speedy swap-over

08/08/2013 EtherCAT: the choice for dynamic motion control

04/08/2013 High Speed I/O system suits real-time motion control

05/07/2013 Decentralised drives reduce machine building costs

02/07/2013 Smart motor can be operated remotely

28/05/2013 Drive helps nearly double beer production capacity

24/05/2013 A decentralised IP65 enclosed drive for larger plant applications

05/04/2013 Drive technology increases lamination productivity

04/02/2013 Decentralised drives reduce machine building costs

27/11/2012 Panel mounted controller and HMI all-in-one

14/09/2012 Test system gets straight to the point

23/08/2012 Signal towers for food machinery and washdown conditions

23/08/2012 High torque brakes with IP66 protection

22/08/2012 Spring applied brake for outdoor applications

02/07/2012 Inverter takes the jerks out of water skiing

01/05/2012 Ball screws for efficient, dynamic linear motion

20/04/2012 Lenze's new servo for multi-axis applications

28/02/2012 Pressed for time? These trouser storage drives are a prefect fit

23/02/2012 Motor mounted drive range is extended to 7.5kW

17/01/2012 Increased protection for servo geared motors

03/11/2011 Lenze extends I/O system in response to customer demand

01/11/2011 Blurring the control boundaries

25/10/2011 Precision ball screws offered for fast delivery

24/10/2011 'Cold plate' mounting

30/09/2011 Smaller panels with cold plate mounting

13/09/2011 DC geared motors for rotary positioning

01/09/2011 Precision ball screws for high speeds and high efficiency

12/08/2011 Save energy with Lenze's VFC eco drive function

09/08/2011 Intelligently making energy savings with drive optimisation software

22/07/2011 Actuators for elevation and azimuth solar tracking

05/07/2011 Achieving savings intelligently with drive optimisation software

01/06/2011 Memory Module Copier makes drives commissioning faster

31/03/2011 Lenze Systems Division goes from strength to strength

31/03/2011 PLC and motion control combines with visualisation

17/03/2011 New caliper brakes for safety critical applications

18/02/2011 Drives 2011 – lower costs, energy saving and built-in-safety for machine builders

28/01/2011 Controller combines PLC logic, motion control and visualisation in a single device

21/01/2011 New processor simplifies machine automation systems

21/01/2011 New processor simplifies machine automation systems

07/01/2011 LED Machine Lighting with IP69k enclosure

17/11/2010 LED Machine Lighting with IP69k enclosure

26/10/2010 High efficiency motors: what the new regulations really mean

14/10/2010 Inverters prevent prisoners feeling hot under the collar

06/10/2010 Locking bushes enable reconfigurable tooling

15/09/2010 Inverter optimised motor range delivers higher efficiency

04/08/2010 Lenze plans logistics investments and new Bedford operations centre

12/07/2010 Vogel phase shifting gearboxes with torque capacities up to 1,500Nm

06/07/2010 Dad, can’t you build a machine that can juggle?

02/07/2010 Lenze IP65 protected inverters now available up to 22kW

30/06/2010 Lenze IP65 protected inverters now available up to 22kW

28/06/2010 HMI is smaller than a CD case

28/06/2010 HMI smaller than a CD case

26/05/2010 This HMI is smaller than a CD case

20/04/2010 Lenze offers IE2 efficiency class gearmotors up to 45kW

15/03/2010 Spring applied brakes - holding and dynamic stopping with electromagnetic release

25/02/2010 A range of simple spring applied brakes

05/02/2010 A valuable drive and automation reference

15/01/2010 A valuable drive & automation reference

11/01/2010 Inverter cures student wind problem

05/01/2010 A complete range of universal joints available online from Techdrives

07/12/2009 No need for switch cabinets for this new series of protected drives

23/11/2009 Handling foods at low temperature

16/11/2009 Servo drives cut pasta with precision

03/11/2009 Upgraded small servo system - Panasonic A4 servo launched on Techdrives website

09/10/2009 New I/O system features high functionality and compact design

09/10/2009 Servo gearheads with higher precision

09/10/2009 Lenze presents new I/O system

05/10/2009 I/O system boasts compact design

21/09/2009 I/O system is suitable for use with motion control bus systems

20/08/2009 Oldham couplings range offers features to meet most application needs

13/08/2009 New machine punches with precision

11/08/2009 High-torque clutches feature pneumatic actuation

11/08/2009 Electric high speed linear actuators

24/07/2009 New machine punches with precision

16/07/2009 Torque limiters cover the range from one to 30,000Nm

16/07/2009 Sun protection for inverters used outdoors

07/07/2009 PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Lenze Techdrives Website

08/06/2009 Modular assembly for 50 and 70mm signal towers

04/06/2009 A seamless range of linear actuators and screw jacks

04/06/2009 Modular assembly for 50 and 70mm signal towers

20/05/2009 Techdrive targets specifiers with new website

06/05/2009 Inverters accused of 'overeating' - IP65 enclosure saves the day

01/05/2009 Lenze EL100 Touchscreen HMIs

28/04/2009 A new connection from Lenze

15/04/2009 Servo Motors: The Muscle for Automation Tasks

26/03/2009 BCH makes connection with Lenze

25/03/2009 Lenze, extended PC range

23/03/2009 HMI with PLC and free software

06/03/2009 Regeneration to save energy

26/02/2009 Servo motors power telescopic conveyors

24/02/2009 Which Ethernet system is the right one?

23/02/2009 Servo motors power telescopic conveyors

20/02/2009 Lenze SMV Frequency Inverter

17/02/2009 Industrial PCs increase the specification

27/01/2009 Lenze SMV inverter now available with integral isolator and IP65 protection

06/01/2009 HMI with PLC functionality takes control

01/01/2009 A servomotor example application

03/11/2008 More air means more servo power

01/11/2008 Clutch delivers more torque for size

31/10/2008 Lenze extends functionality of 9400 servo range

24/10/2008 New inverter drive with built-in positioning

24/10/2008 New inverter drive with built-in positioning

08/10/2008 Lenze extends inverter range

08/10/2008 New cooling concept gives servomotor more power per size

24/09/2008 Modern safety technology

05/09/2008 Inverter range extends

28/08/2008 New range of stainless steel drive products

05/08/2008 Double flux-crossed design increases clutch torque

05/08/2008 Drive technology contributes to climate protection

03/07/2008 Precision Printing Made Easy

23/06/2008 Regenerate to save energy

01/06/2008 Servo technology satisfies a global craving

20/05/2008 Expanded range of HMIs

20/05/2008 Lenze PositionServo drives join the Ethernet revolution

01/05/2008 Lenze Patlite LME & LCE Signal Towers

11/04/2008 Airflow for more servo power

01/04/2008 Lenze 9400 Servo Range

20/02/2008 Drives up productivity for tobacco industry

31/01/2008 Signal towers provide long life and a bright double reflection system

22/01/2008 Real-time Ethernet connectivity

07/12/2007 Lenze boosts servomotor range power and torque by 50%

01/12/2007 Lenze: Internet Profile

16/11/2007 Small and efficient geared motors

01/11/2007 Servomotors: the muscle for automation

18/10/2007 Compact Industrial PC needs no forced air cooling

04/10/2007 Modern handling techniques for breweries

04/10/2007 Geared servomotor range expands

01/10/2007 Putting on the brakes

03/09/2007 Prepared Solutions reduce machine costs

03/09/2007 Increased options for machine safety

01/09/2007 High-end servo completes Lenze’s 9400 series

01/08/2007 UK machine builder goes on a roll in California

26/07/2007 Servo drive range completed

13/07/2007 Drive brings simplicity and protection

04/07/2007 Brakes offer high torque in smaller sizes

12/06/2007 Inverter brings protection to vector based motor control

29/05/2007 Capsule filler with new IPC Control System

29/05/2007 Electronic catalogue live on the web

17/05/2007 Servo drives trim fish with accuracy

17/05/2007 Brakes deliver more for less cost

17/04/2007 L-force servo range gets bigger

17/04/2007 Customised IPC for Food Environments

28/02/2007 ‘Reinforced’ servomotors keep the reinforcement in production

07/02/2007 Servos supplied ready to drive

09/01/2007 Customised geared motor achieves precise motion on X-ray simulator

09/01/2007 Shaft-to-hub connectors from Lenze

03/01/2007 Remote maintenance for drives

08/12/2006 Compact and efficient servo gearboxes

07/11/2006 Steel rod production line is made more efficient with ETP locking bush

07/11/2006 Lenze establishes drive integrator partnership

03/10/2006 Small servo drives leave the panel behind

02/10/2006 High-performance, low voltage drives from Lenze

18/09/2006 Heavy duty bush are 'key element' of new rock tester

18/09/2006 Servo geared motor range is extended

01/09/2006 Support from further afield

18/08/2006 Innovative pump manufacturer opts for ‘the simple life’ with Lenze smd drives

07/08/2006 Lenze smd drives speed up the ironing

02/08/2006 Compact and efficient servo gearboxes

01/08/2006 Lenze drive offers PID control of pumps and fans

01/08/2006 Lenze drive offers PID control of pumps and fans

13/07/2006 Inverters index product for high speed shrink wrapping

13/07/2006 Servomotors with integrated drives

01/07/2006 Bevel geared motors complete with disconnect clutch

21/06/2006 Compact and robust control panels

21/06/2006 New materials double the service life of geared motors

16/06/2006 Conveyor drives provide simplicity and reliability for Yoplait

22/05/2006 Inverters save panel space

22/05/2006 New bevel geared motors with disconnect clutch

21/04/2006 Servo System with increased functionality

21/04/2006 Inverters with built in energy-saving control

20/03/2006 Embedded panel PCs are versatile

20/03/2006 Motion controller for CNC or machine control up to 32 axes

01/03/2006 Special brake overcomes hydraulic 'bounce' in tablet compactor

01/02/2006 Lenze Extends Power Range Of Ac Motor Portfolio

01/02/2006 New Range Of AC Motors Available Nationally

01/02/2006 Lenze Geared Motors Available Through Distribution

22/12/2005 New Brand For Ac Motors

07/12/2005 Octopus Bush Enables New Servo-Hydraulic Tablet Compactor

25/10/2005 Increased Inverter Features At No Extra Cost

24/10/2005 Decentralised Drive Technology Reduces Installation Costs

09/10/2005 Modular Packaging Machines For Chocolate Pralinés

01/10/2005 Production Cycle Times Reduced By 30% - Lenze Servo Drives Deliver The Dynamics In Handling Systems

01/09/2005 Restoring Older Machines With Modern Automation Hardware

01/09/2005 Four-Element Coupling Tolerates More Misalignment

01/09/2005 Choosing the centralised or decentralised route

01/07/2005 Lenze Adds Powerful New Servo Drive To L-Force Product Family

01/04/2005 Corrosion Resistant Hub Connectors Offer Backlash-Free Joints .

01/04/2005 Motion Controller Family Covers One To 24 Axes

01/07/2004 Modular Geared Motors For Light To Medium Duties

01/06/2004 Combined Servomotor/Drive Is Protected To Ip54

01/06/2004 Clean Machines

01/05/2004 Metal Disc Coupling Is Atex Compliant

01/04/2004 Strength And Versatility In A Cube

01/03/2004 New Ac Drives Beat Ageing Dc Servos On Price And Performance

01/02/2004 Faster Parcel Handling Means More On-Time Deliveries

01/12/2003 Small Brushless Motors Come With Integrated Drives

01/10/2003 Inverter-Optimised Motors Achieve Near-Servo Performance

01/10/2003 A Torque Limiter That Can Be Remotely Adjusted

01/06/2003 Driving Forward Drugs Research

01/05/2003 Modular machine drives are quiet and efficient

01/04/2003 Lenze Extends Planetary Gearhead Range

01/03/2003 Shaft Couplings - The Flexible All-Rounder

01/10/2002 Software Options Extend Servo Plc Functionality .

01/09/2002 Lenze Extends Motec Range

01/07/2002 Lenze Claims 96% Efficiency For New Right-Angle Box

01/05/2002 Mechatronic Braking

01/05/2002 Hydraulic Shaft-To-Shaft And Hub-To-Shaft Couplings

01/04/2002 Operator Terminals And Front-End Displays .

01/03/2002 Hydraulic Couplings Have Big Torque Capacity

01/10/2001 Abssac S Heli-Cal Powerflex Coupling

01/05/2001 Brakes And Clutches To Suit All Applications

01/02/2001 G-Motion Ac Geared Motors

01/02/2001 A Distributed Drive Solution For Conveying .

01/11/2000 Introducing The Drive Plc For Compact Inverters

01/10/2000 Lenzes Geared Motor Range

01/08/2000 Plug-And-Play Drives Integration That Is Fieldbus Independent

01/01/2000 Geared Motor Range Offers Reliability And Flexibility .

01/11/1999 No Keyways Required For These Ss Bushes

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